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July 2013 Juice Cleanse

[ 0 ] January 16, 2013 |

Tired of feeling tired?

Wish you had more energy?

Ready to get rid of body clutter?

The WE Juice for Joy Experience

Use fresh organic fruits & veggies


WE™ are here to support YOU!

The WE Conference

is excited to announce our next quarterly juice cleanse,

The WE Juice for Joy Experience™!

Use fresh organic fruits & veggies


(registration closes Wednesday, June 26, 2013)

WE™ offers a quarterly 10-day juice cleanse program, complete with education, training, support, shopping lists, recipes, daily calls, motivational emails, membership in a private Facebook group, your very own Juice Buddy and access to experienced juicers in a virtual live classroom accessed from your phone or computer.

This experience will jumpstart your system to cleanse and heal through drinking vibrant, fresh, organic juices made from fruits and vegetables. We will be meeting daily (some calls will be one hour while most calls run from 15-45 minutes). Participants receive a daily email as well. Each registered participant will also be assigned a Juice Buddy partner. Juice Buddies support one another through The WE Juice for Joy Experience™ 10-day program and often become close friends who continue to stay in contact long after the program concludes. Women, men and teens 18+ are invited to join us.

The actual juicing days will be July 1-10.

Our first call is Friday, June 28, 2013 at 9a Pacific (12p Eastern).

Our final call is Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 9a Pacific (12p Eastern)

to facilitate a safe and easy transition back to solid foods & this call will feature a special guest.

The incredible opportunity to participate in The WE Juice for Joy Experience™ is just $199 when you register no later than Wednesday 6/26/13 at 8:00 pm Eastern time (5p Pacific).   If you are an alumni of the program, you can register for just $159.

You’ll cover your costs for your groceries in addition to investing in a juicer (if you don’t already have one). Don’t have a juicer or don’t have the time to make the juices yourself? You may choose to purchase fresh-squeezed organic juices if you choose to make the juices yourself. We’re offering the incredible guidance, encouragement and support of our program for less than $10 a day. And based on the testimonials of life-changing experiences from participants in the program held last quarter, you’ll get a lot more than $10 worth of transformation.

This is a LIVE program, but you participate ON THE PHONE. We use a virtual meeting (teleconference/teleseminar) system that allows you to PARTICIPATE NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, as long as you have access to a phone, to Skype or to a computer with internet access, at whatever cost you normally would incur for such services.

During this 10-day program, we do ask for the following from you, in exchange for your acceptance as a participant–

  1.  Set your intention to do the full program completely to the best of your ability and honor your commitment to participate fully.
  2.  Agree to share your feedback, positive and negative, on all aspects of the program, including the materials, the calls, the buddy system, the recipes, etc. and be willing to share a written or videotaped testimonial of your experience.
  3.  Commit to maintaining confidentiality of what people share during the classes and promise to not share our materials or content with anyone not in the program for safety, privacy and business development reasons. This confidentiality is required for your participation.

If you’re interested and ready to commit to reactivating your health, please click the link below and join us for The WE Juice for Joy Experience™. Time is limited so act now. The program begins FRIDAY June 28! (The actual days of juicing are July 1-10, 2013, but the first call is Fri June 28 at 12p noon Eastern/9a Pacific, and the final call is Thursday July 11. All calls are at the same time.)

REGISTRATION CLOSES Wednesday, June 26. Don’t delay.


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