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Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of The WE Conference™ is to create opportunities to gather women together to inspire, educate and empower them to fulfill their greatest potential. The organization is committed to connecting women of all beliefs, backgrounds, upbringing, educational experience, financial conditions, races, religions, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientation and places of origin with role models, new friends and tools to create authentic relationships, to create and sustain a supportive community and to facilitate positive change.


Our Vision

The thoughts of every individual generate beliefs that lead to decisions that result in action (or inaction). Becoming aware, acknowledging and accepting responsibility for thoughts is critical to facilitating change in the world. The WE Conference™ sees a world in which all people experience empowerment in a time when there is no longer a need to shift power to one gender (or to one or more disenfranchised categories) in an era in which all beings are honored, appreciated and respected. The WE Conference™ seeks to convey education and information that teaches people to focus their energies and their thoughts on what inspires them and what they’re grateful for, rather than on what makes them fearful, in order to manifest their desires. Millions of people are yearning to make positive changes for their health and spirituality, their communities and the planet. The WE Conference™ makes a difference by connecting those who seek reliable information and trustworthy products and companies with resources, opportunities and possibilities.