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Our Brand

Our Name

The WE Conference™ is based on the concept of community. In the English language, the word we is a pronoun that demonstrates unity and togetherness.
™ also represents an acronym for Women’s Empowerment and for Wellness Education.

A conference unites people to explore, exchange and discuss ideas; to create an environment of support; and to develop, strengthen and educate community.


Our Logo

Our logo features a triple spiral known as a triskelion or triskele. The emblem is a symbolic figure consisting of three legs, arms, or branches radiating from a common connected center point. It demonstrates motion or movement and evokes the balanced triad concept of an alliance or coalition.

The WE Conference™ logo incorporates this symbol to represent many concepts that the organization honors, celebrates and integrates including girl-woman-wise elderbody-mind-spirit
past-present-future, land-sea-sky and earth-sun-moon. The triskele also represents the creation of win-win-win circumstances which The WE Conference™ is committed to facilitating.