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Brooke Benson

Brooke Benson lets her love flow and that’s what she says sparks her artistic juices. Whether she’s performing spoken word poetry onstage in front of thousands, teaching children how to unleash the creative spirit, or designing gorgeous and unique jewelry pieces, Brooke is clearly a multi-faceted and very talented woman.

“I was truly blessed to grow up immersed in the arts,” shares Brooke.

What inspires her work?

“My humanistic beliefs,” she explains simply.

Brooke became involved in activism, and to express herself, she began writing her own form of social commentary and matters of the heart in the form of spoken word poetry. Her inspiring lyrics weave a tapestry of human emotion through rhythmic song, words and vivid imagery. A graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Brooke has produced and performed numerous shows integrating world and pop music, poetry and acting, appearing in venues including the Stronghold, The Vanguard and the legendary Jazz Bakery. Her talents have benefited charitable organizations including Doctors without Borders, Art of Elisium, Vday and UNICEF‘s “The Tap Project.”

In July 2010, Brooke coordinated and directed a spoken word team of youth from across the United States in Rock the ERA, the largest youth peace festival in history, held at the Long Beach Arena.

“Music and the arts can activate a collective vision,” Brooke adds, “and it’s that very vision that enhances and inspires the human spirit and unifies humanity.”

When she’s not onstage, Brooke expresses her creativity by designing jewelry. Each piece is unique, reflecting a refined, elegant and ethereal style. Based in Los Angeles, Brooke’s artistic expressions have been inspired by her extensive travels in distant lands including southeast Asia, Nepal and the Middle East.

“My energetic adornments incorporate the use of spiritual symbols, gold, silver, rare one-of-a-kind pieces, wood and semi-precious stones. Each piece is designed to ignite the highest potential of creative energy and enhance awareness of the beauty that lies within,” elaborates Brooke.

In addition to sharing her delicious and powerful spoken word performance art with the audience, Brooke will also be exhibiting her jewelry designs as a vendor at The WE Conference™.


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