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Caroline Meeks, MD (Dr. Funshine)

It starts with a twinkle and a glimmer, then broadens into a grin, into a giggle and finally a guffaw. Caroline Meeks, MD, loves to share laughter. You might guess she was a standup comedian from her amazing ability to lure laughter from friends, patients and strangers. The truth is, Caroline is a certified laughter yogi, expertly trained to teach people how to get their laugh on.Her lust for laughter is related to her lifelong passion to help people be healthy. A board-certified pediatrician since 1974, Caroline has examined and treated thousands of patients. During her practice, she discovered that laughter generated amazing results in “stress reduction and joy production!” It turns out that, indeed, laughter is the best medicine. Caroline transformed her medical practice, shifted her focus to adults, and achieved board certification in the emerging field of integrative holistic medicine.


“My mission,” Caroline shares, “is to encourage adults to rediscover their inner child as a portal to self-empowerment and revitalization.”


Recognizing that the challenges of having children can cause a significant strain on both parents and children, Caroline founded the Parent Resource Institute in Seattle, Washington, to serve stressed-out parents and provide self-esteem counseling. Her best-selling book, Prescriptions for Parenting is a valuable resource for people seeking to be more effective parents.


As her practice evolved, Caroline began incorporating lifestyle coaching, training her patients to release their fears and worries in order to restore their health. She teaches them tools to expand their lives into a world of greater joy and relaxation.


“Everyone can use a little more laughter in their lives,” Caroline chuckles. “Laughing is good for you. It’s been proven to help improve health and well-being. We witness significantly increased wellness and productivity in people who experience more laughter and playfulness in their daily lives.”


She’s been a member of the clinical faculty in the pediatrics department at the University of Washington since 1983, and also donates her time as a volunteer faculty member in the Department of Social and Behavioral Medicine at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine. She is committed to advancing scientific knowledge on the healing power of laughter. As a laughter yoga trainer, she has taught and certified individuals throughout the United States to be laughter yoga leaders themselves.
An accomplished speaker and workshop leader, Caroline has been a featured guest on dozens of local and national radio and TV talk shows, including Oprah.


Using the pseudonym, Dr. Funshine, Caroline has led laughter programs from Seattle to San Diego in various centers for healing and wellness, including the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Kaiser Permanente and the UCSD Moores Cancer Center, and has provided hundreds of free laughter classes for seniors throughout San Diego County. She conducts corporate workshops on stress reduction, conflict resolution and empowerment. Caroline also offers weekly laughter classes in San Diego’s Mission Bay Park, where she spreads funshine all over the place—“just put on a happy face!”

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