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Alka-Sticks for Alkaline Water Anytime (2 per pack)


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Product Description

Alka-Sticks are portable for the person on the go. It comes with a convenient carrying case so you can make your mineral alkaline water anywhere you go. Insert an Alka-Stick into any water bottle and in seconds you will have the powerful benefits of alkaline water in your hands! Drinking healthy water has never been easier!
  •  Material: Acryl 1.2mm like glass.
  • Size: 90.88mm x 18mm
  • Feature: Produces mineral alkaline water (pH 8.5 ±.05).

Energize with Millennium H2O & never buy bottled water again. Save $1,400-2,100 per person per year on bottled water (which in most cases is unhealthy water and contains BPA from the plastic). This is top-of-the-line natural alkaline, ionized, mineral-reduced water with a pH of +8.5 to +9.5. The ORP (oxidation reduction process) is -250mv to -340mv.

Save the environment! The water produced without electricity in the Millennium H2O container compares to the very expensive and less effective alkaline water machines, plus there’s no wasted water as there is in other machines that produce alkaline water. Saves electric power and reduces the plastic that ends up in our landfills, waterways and streets.

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