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Allison Wilkey

As she traveled a corporate path, working alongside elected officials and high-level executives, Allison Wilkey would occasionally notice the way her feet dragged and her head hung low, nodding off to sleep. Her heart and soul were anxious to express themselves in a different way. In 2001, she discovered yoga at a small gym in Washington, DC.

After moving to Santa Monica, California, Allison established a regular Ashtanga yoga practice, awakening to what she calls a transformational experience. She credits yoga for empowering her to move past fear, to eliminate unwanted habits and to transform old energy into new.

“This yoga is a call to action,” Allison explains. “It’s an opportunity to ask, ‘What’s possible, not just for you and me, but for our community?’ So yes, we breath and flow through asana, but more importantly we take responsibility and participate through our yoga in this global shift of consciousness that is happening. We stand for right now. We show up.”

Allison is Yoga Alliance Registered, CPR-certified and trained through one of the most widely recognized yoga studios, Yoga Works. With appreciation for how yoga has changed her life, Allison calls herself The Grateful Yogi.


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