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Ginger Lee

The founder of Ginger’s Garden of Orange County Wellness Center and Spa in Costa Mesa, California, Ginger Lee is a third generation intuitive healer and spiritual coach. She integrates her Eastern ancestors’ approach to wellness with western scientific knowledge. A pioneer in holistic health, Ginger spent 25 years providing stress reduction exercises in hospice, teaching at prestigious international events, speaking at hospitals, medical spas and weight loss centers, Ginger realized there was still a key element missing. Using her three decades of teaching experience and her lifelong experience developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle incorporating nutrition, yoga, mediation and other holistic practices, she opened her own business to help others striving to achieve a more fulfilling, rewarding and joyous life.

Ginger has been a Holistic Practitioner for more than 15 years. She embodies all the qualities of a natural healer following in the footsteps of her mother, a village medicine woman in Korea. A compassionate heart has led Ginger to constantly study many diverse natural healing modalities including Korean Hand Therapy; Yin/Yang Yoga; Pranic Healing; Clinical Guided Imagery/ Meditation; Healing Touch; Connected Breathing and Holodynamics.

After several ‘near death’ experiences, Ginger learned to fully care for and listen to the constant messages of and her body. She explains, “I have discovered our bodies are here to give us pleasure. They are galaxies and in constant change. By moving, dancing, and shaking our bodies, we stimulate and awaken each cell making us women feel sexy. We are a river of energy that knows where to flow! It feels so free to be one with our body when it is turned on. It will release many healthful chemicals to makes us feel even more ecstatic!”

Ginger is an accomplished performer and teacher of the Sacred Fan Ceremonial Healing Dance. Using fans and inner breath work, Ginger moves the element of Air as she performs . “By using your intention to clear what no longer serves you, your mind, body and soul will be free to express and feel its sense of well-being,” Ginger adds. “Witnessing this dance will bring the essence of Divine Grace into your life, allowing you to unwind your mind and rejuvenate your beauty within.”

She will be sharing this experience with attendees at The WE Conference™.


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