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Wendy Hammers

The very dynamic Wendy Hammers loves life. She opens her arms wide to embrace change and she’s here to tell you that change happens…and that change is not a four-letter word. She is a fan of the “F” words: fifty, fit and fabulous! Wendy says for her, real life began at 50. (I know. You just looked at her photo again. Seriously? Fifty? Fantastic, right? There’s another “F” word for you!)

To celebrate her coming of age, Wendy developed a one-woman show called ripe. What’s it about? “The last ten years of my life,” she answers simply. “I got divorced. I raised a child. I reinvented myself and I’m 50 now. I found my true love at age 48,” she smiles.

“It takes a while to become ripe, to become seasoned so you’re ready to burst, you’re ready to bloom,” Wendy shares. “I feel like I’m at the greatest place in my life that I’ve ever been. Most people in our culture, they think that they hit 50 and they might as well put one foot in the grave. And it’s so backwards.”

Wendy is also the creator and host of the monthly stage show, Tasty Words™, a spoken word salon in Santa Monica, California. Entertainment writer Michaelene Tetteh describes the event this way: “Imagine a room full of children hanging on every word spoken by a parade of storytellers. Imagine these children are given cookies to enjoy while they are listening intently to the stories. Now take the children out of the room and replace them with grown-ups and leave everything else.”

Now in its tenth year, Tasty Words™ developed organically as an opportunity for expression after Wendy experienced 9/11, the death of a close girlfriend and a difficult divorce.

“After the events of the previous year, I felt if I didn’t have a place to get onstage and tell my stories, my head would explode,” reveals Wendy. “And I knew I wasn’t alone in this. I started inviting other writer/performer friends to come and tell their stories. Real, hilarious, horrifying stories. We did a show. I can’t even remember now what the first one was about. I just know it spoke to enough people that we did it again. And again. And now we have done, I’m guessing here, easily one hundred shows. All amazing. And different. And moving. And funny. And real.”

This very talented woman is also an actor and a stand-up comic. She’s confused Tony on The Sopranos; annoyed Larry David on Curb your Enthusiasm; irritated Bernie on The Bernie Mac Show; entertained Oprah on The Oprah Winfrey Show; and clowned around with Craig on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Wendy shares her sense of humor regularly on stages in LA, Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. In between, she’s found time to write, contributing an essay to What Was I Thinking? (St. Martin’s Press) and co-authoring a humorous, how not to diet book, You’ve Got Meal. She also coaches writer/performers in her Write at Home™ classes in LA. You’ll feel right at home with her standup comedy which she’ll share at The WE Conference.


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