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Jenny Ross

A pioneer in the raw food movement, Jenny Ross is the owner, culinary creator and executive chef of 118 Degrees, a gourmet living foods restaurant in The Camp in Costa Mesa, California. Everything on the menu is organic and vegan. Nothing is heated above 118 degrees, the temperature at which enzymes and other nutrients in food begin to break down. In addition to colorful plant-based cuisine, 118 also features organic wines, herbal tonics and superfood smoothies.

Chef Jenny discovered raw food in 1999 in her own personal quest to enjoy vibrant health, and she learned how to prepare it by studying with raw food chefs from around the world. Her award-winning cuisine has attracted a celebrity clientele and has been a positive catalyst for changing many lives.

Chef Jenny collaborated with well-known lecturer, fourth generation metaphysician and spiritual intuitive, Doreen Virtue, to share her delicious and nutritious recipes in their book, The Art of Raw Living Food: Heal Yourself & the Planet with Eco-Delicious Cuisine. Chef Jenny’s original creations have brought her numerous accolades and awards. She is also the CEO of Creative Blend, a company that produces and distributes raw food meals labeled Jenny’s Raw and Organic at health food stores. Her creations can be found in health food stores throughout the country .

Chef Jenny says her mission is to empower the community of Orange County with fresh, organic living cuisine, presented in an artful context, to be enjoyed with friends and family. “We are here to usher in the future of food,” she explains, “by offering a menu that is full of nutrient-rich selections that are pleasing to the body and the mind.” She believes choosing a plant-based diet not only improves an individual’s health but also makes a big difference for the planet. “Eating raw food is probably one of the easiest ways to reduce your impact on the earth because you’re eating all plant-based foods, and 99% of the time, you’re supporting organic and biodynamic farming, which replenishes the ecosystem where food is grown.”

A former model, Chef Jenny now serves as a role model and advisor. She works with clients of all backgrounds, motivating them toward more vibrant health while teaching them about the healing power of living foods. After becoming a mom, she expanded her expertise to making sure parents understand the appropriate nutrients for the optimal health and well-being of their children. Her son, now 2-1/2, is thriving on a raw vegan diet.

She regularly gives speeches and interviews about raw foods and teaches raw food preparation classes. She’s appeared on G Word on the Discovery Channel; Travel Channel’s Taste of America program; and on local network affiliate newscasts in Los Angeles. Jenny was honored as a Hot 25 influential business leader in Orange County in 2008 by OC Metro, and was dubbed the “Sexiest Chef” in Orange County in 2007 by Rivera magazine.

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