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Karen Hudson

Karen Hudson is a self-proclaimed goddess whose mission is to mirror the goddess within every woman. Karen collaborated with her best friend, Elizabeth (Lily) Hills, to create The Goddess to Goddess Empower Hour to enlighten, educate and entertain women and allow them to realize and release the goddess within. The pair also created a successful seminar and events company, Goddess to Goddess Presents, specializing in uniquely creative trainings and presentations for women.

Karen is a 1986 graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. Combining her passion for serving people with her creativity, she went to work for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as director of conference services. She later moved into the role of director of sales in the luxury hotel’s Newport Beach, California location.

In 1995, Karen accepted an opportunity to return to northern California, joining the top-tier corporate event and meeting planning company, Pacific Agenda. Hired as a sales manager, she created unique meeting and incentive programs for Fortune 500 companies and developed the largest client base in the Silicon Valley in the history of the company. She was elevated to director of sales and marketing for the firm’s Monterey office, managing the sales and operations staff.

While working in the event planning industry, Karen realized the overwhelming need for events to transform and empower women. In collaboration with Lily, the two decided to create occasions that were not solely festive, but also offered authentic experiences that would “rock the soul.” The pair co-authored the book, A Feminine Manifesta, calling for all women to unite with the specific purpose of making the world a better place: a safer, less violent, more caring and tolerant place for all humankind.

“The only requirement for participation,” Karen shares, “is that you bring forward the very best of who you are to the world, which includes a heavy dose of your feminine side. You don’t have to join a committee, write a check or host an event (unless, of course, you are inspired to). Rather it’s how you show up in the world every day, how you interact with yourself and other people that is going to contribute to the cause. This movement proposes that the more we women treat ourselves with respect, patience, acceptance and appreciation, the faster we will move beyond our less evolved qualities (i.e., judgmental, gossipy, insecure, cranky, impatient, overly competitive) and grow into the most wise, tolerant, compassionate, patient, loving and powerful women we can possibly be. Once we get over being hard on ourselves and learn to value ourselves more, we can then focus our newly-liberated internal resources on not only making our own lives better, but evoking positive global change as well. And, if we do it thoughtfully and creatively, (which we will) we can have a fantastic, fulfilling time in the process.”

Married for 23 years, Karen lives in Pacific Grove, California with her loving husband and two wonderful children.


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