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Terces Engelhart

Terces Engelhart has been preparing and serving flavorful food and delicious meals since her childhood. She is interested in the healing power of food to help people who suffer from diet-based diseases, as she did. The mother of five and grandmother of three, Terces (pronounced TUR’-see) says her life is about making a difference through empowering future generations by bringing out the best in them. Terces has been hailed as an innovative leader for her role in creating Café Gratitude, a business founded on the principles of Sacred Commerce, the concept that a business can be successful and sustainable with Love, Compassion, Integrity and Trust as its foundation cornerstones.

Terces and her husband, Matthew, credit Divine inspiration for the idea to develop The Abounding River board game. The game provides an interactive way to experience the concept of “being” Abundance. Soon after, the pair wrote The Abounding River Logbook, chronicling the process that develops the clarity and deep understanding that abundance comes from sharing. The Logbook offers a 42-day practice to be shared with a partner that guides participants through exercises that spark the ability to develop the qualities of Love, Acceptance, Generosity, Worth, Gratitude, Creation, and Responsibility.

The experience led them to open a restaurant based on the concept of compassionate cuisine in San Francisco in 2004, which in turn has prospered into the very successful Café Gratitude restaurant group in California. With restaurants in Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Rafael (Marin County), Healdsburg, Cupertino, Oakland and (two in) San Francisco and several other locations in development, Café Gratitude has become well-known for its inspiring environment and distinctive, flavorful organic foods. The cafés, which support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products, serve living, organic food made with the freshest ingredients possible.

The couple facilitate several workshops including Abounding River, how to create and sustain an attitude of Abundance; Kindred Spirit on creating and sustaining spiritual relationships; Sacred Commerce, merging the sacred with the commercial; and One Week Without Sugar, an introduction to a spiritual diet. Some of their workshops are are presented in combination with yoga and living foods on their organic farm in Maui. Terces has been a featured guest on radio and cable television.

In their book, I Am Grateful, Terces and Matthew present their view of life and their philosophy of creating and managing a business with a conscious and compassionate approach. Terces also presents her story of personal healing, sharing highlights of her recovery from food addiction while explaining the benefits of a raw lifestyle.

“Our lives are about serving others,” explains Terces. “We are dedicated to being Love, courageously expressed in this world. We grow our food with Love, we prepare our food with Love and we serve it with Love. While that might be a controversial experience for some, we are committed to doing everything we can to support all people in awakening to their own inner beauty, strength and passion. Our experience tells us that the food we eat, the environment we live in, and where we put our attention makes a big difference in our experience of life. When I get discouraged, I shift my attention to the people we serve: our employees and customers. They keep me inspired and willing to serve. Thank you for being here. I love you.”

Terces will bring her wisdom to The WE Conference™ panel discussion on Nutrition for the Empowered Woman.


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