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WE™ invite sponsors with business philosophies that embrace a culture of compassion, corporate ethics and social responsibility and that operate within the policies and principles of “sacred commerce” (as one of our speakers, Terces Englehart details in her book of the same title) to partner with our organization. Our audience is comprised of conscious and savvy consumers seeking quality products and services offered by companies operating with honor and integrity.

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The WE Conference™ offers the opportunity to connect your company with successful busy women who rely on our organization and its ethics, integrity and knowledge to recommend only trustworthy companies, brands, products and services. Aligning with The WE Conference™ gives you direct access to our audience and provides you with the trusted endorsement and support of our organization. Sponsoring The WE Conference™ allows you to introduce the products & services you offer to our discerning audience members and teach them why they can choose your brand with confidence.

This is an incredible and unique opportunity to reach the undivided attention of thousands of women through ongoing advertising, email newsletters, social media, live teleseminar broadcasts and a full-day annual symposium event. Throughout the year, your company will also be recognized and visible on the official website of The WE Conference™. The WE Conference™ scheduled symposium events also offer you the opportunity to secure reserved VIP tickets to the event for your management, clients or prospects; to place products or information about products or services in the gift bags provided to all attendees; to gain visibility and recognition from the platform at the event; to be prominently featured in The WE Conference™ annual Event Program; to have a booth at the event and to be included prominently in the symposium event section on the official website of The WE Conference™.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please email or call our offices at 714-881-1102.

WE™ look forward to connecting you with our audience!

The WE Conferencereserves the right to reject any prospective sponsor marketing goods or services incompatible with the core values and standards of The WE Conference ™.