It's itchy - 94% Percent AnswersDIY tools - 94% Percent AnswersFormula 1 Car - 94% Percent AnswersIt's sweet - 94% Percent AnswersThings associated with Brazil - 94% Percent AnswersMassage - 94% Percent AnswersI Wish My Boyfriend/Girlfriend was more - 94% Percent AnswersHerbivorous Animals - 94% Percent AnswersElephants - 94% Percent AnswersGPS - 94% Percent Answers

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WE™ Contests :
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WE™ Contests

The WE Conference™ wants to hear from you!

In conjunction with The 2011 Symposium, we are sponsoring two different contests.

Picture Women’s Empowerment

If you have an eye for detail and access to a digital camera, WE™ want YOU to enter our photography contest.  We’ll be looking for photographs that best capture the ideal of women’s empowerment.  Submit by September 5, 2011 to be eligible for the grand prize.

What Being Empowered Means To Me

If you prefer expressing yourself with the written word, our essay competition will be a great way to participate in The WE Conference™.  What does the concept of women’s empowerment mean to you?  The contest winner will be recognized during The WE Conference™ 2011 Symposium. Click through to read the rules and start writing.